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Roadkill Couture by EatonNott
Photographed by: Kenny McCracken 

Roadkill Couture™ comprises of garments created out of the pelts, feathers and bones of animals that have been killed and eaten as food, have been accidentally killed on our roads, that have died of natural causes or been culled as pests.
Roadkill Couture™ is a celebration of the exquisite design of nature and is giving a second life to things of wonder and beauty when they would normally perish or simply be thrown away or discarded. Source: x

Alexander McQueen S/S 2009

marchesa s/s 2014

So what do I mean by SURRENDER?

It means letting go of the ego’s need to protect and control.
It means being totally in the moment - not the past or future.
It means being out of your head and in your feelings and heart.
It means being seemingly out of control.
It means being open to inner guidance versus outer guidance.
It means being vulnerable and real. It means letting go of fear.

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What Cassana Baratheon would have worn, Alexander McQueen

- Alexander McQueen fall 2014 -

Viktor & Rolf Spring 2014 RTW

Alexander McQueen